The Owners


"We want to bring down the walls of our escape rooms and bring the fun anywhere you happen to be." 

-Lee Wilson

In 2015, we built our very first escape rooms at Jackson Escape Rooms in Jackson, Tennessee. We had no idea where the adventure would take us, but 30+ escape room concepts and 4 locations later, we realized that we wanted to take the show on the road.

We ADORE escape rooms because of the share experience they provide for everybody who plays -- getting up and actively solving an escape room is so much fun!

But sometimes it just doesn't make sense to load 50 people in a bus, coordinate rides for 15 kids, or stop the factory for a day to go experience and escape room.

We hate limitations and we love expanding people's opportunity to escape the usual and try to think outside the box... so we decide to put the rooms on the road and go overland with Overland Escape Games.

There are a 1000 different ways Overland Escape Games can serve you -- and surely we will outline some packages and options on this website in the future -- but for now we would rather figure out how best to serve you by talking with you about your needs.

With that in mind, contact us and we would LOVE to see what kind of mischief we can get ourselves into.